The iPhone is one versatile tool – not only do you get to perform all the usual smartphone functions with it such as receive and make phone calls and text messages, check and post social network status updates, help you find your way around unfamiliar territory with the GPS function, stash your collection of images, music and videos for anytime, anywhere playback, and even capture stunning photos wherever you are, you can add another item to the long list – you can now race your iPhone. I do not mean race as in playing a racing game, but rather, the handset itself transforms into a toy for you to play with. British designer Chris O’Shea came up with this idea, where his $1.99 app will automatically transform your iPhone or iPod touch into a vehicle for you to drive around.


It will not only be fun to interact with your kid, it also blurs the line between creativity and imagination with the virtual world on a screen. Choose the vehicle of your choice within Makego, and you can then interact with the drivers as well as their world via animations and sound. Right now, only a trio of vehicles are available, although more are on the way. The race car itself boasts motion-activated engine noises, a turbo boost selector, speedometer and petrol gauge. This is going to be another factor in depleting your battery faster than normal.

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