mac proMac Pro users, if you’ve been waiting for Apple to refresh the range of Mac Pro computers, a fresh set of rumors has surfaced that seems to suggest that the 2012 refresh of Mac Pros will see a release in Q3 later this year, and will be featuring Intel’s brand new Ivy Bridge line of processors and will see Apple return to using NVIDIA as its choice for graphics cards.

According to the report, the use of Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors will help to address issues of overheating. This is due to the 22nm manufacturing process which is more efficient compared to the Sandy Bridge platform, and new “tri-gate” transistors which are reportedly 30%+ more efficient with heat dissipation. The report also mentions that Apple is testing processors with 8 cores and 20MB of cache.

The new Mac Pros are also rumored to utilize NVIDIA’s upcoming “Kepler” platform, which is expected to be release around the same time as Intel’s new CPU. Of course none of this can be confirmed for now, so we suggest taking this information with a grain of salt until official information has been released. But what do you guys think? Will these new upgrades make the Mac Pro a more desirable purchase?

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