Video: msnNOW Arrives Today: Know About It

Software giant Microsoft has just launched a spanking new MSN service known as msnNOW, where you can check it out here. This is the first service of its kind from Microsoft which was specially designed to surface breaking trends across the Internet, letting folks contribute their two cents concerning trends as well as the reasons as to why they made the news. msnNOW will go through a variety of real-time sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and, letting you remain afloat with the latest talk in town. I guess news sites who are looking for ways to sniff and hunt down new sources will have yet another tool at their disposal. The layout is rather simple – which is a good thing, considering the amount of information you need to filter through after that. Apart from that, news items have their sources represented by a small logo right beside the freshness of the link. msnNOW can be accessed wherever you are across a range of devices, including the desktop computer, mobile device, tablet, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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