The iPhone sports many games/apps that allow for multiplayer gaming, but instead of playing against a faceless stranger, how about playing with people that you do know in a real life setting? Physical Apps may be able to help you with that with their creation dubbed TheO, a foam ball with a physical cutout for your iPhone that takes mobile gaming to the next (and physical) level.

The idea behind TheO is to combine a physical activity along with gameplay via the various apps designed for it. At the moment there are three games available for TheO, such as Hot Potato, Interrogo and Bowling and they’re currently on display at the Toy Fair held in New York until the 15th of February. The apps will utilize the iPhone’s accelerometer in order to function.

For example in the game Interrogo, it apparently has been designed to be an ice breaking game whereby a different question will be asked every time the ball has been thrown to a different person. While touted as being safe, we’re not sure how comfortable we feel about bouncing and throwing our iPhone about. No word on when the TheO will go on sale or how much it will cost, but if you are unable to attend the Toy Fair, check out the video below for a demonstration.

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