You know for sure that you are on to something when you LEGO-ize something – and LEGO builder Baron von Brunk from New York is on to something that will have Transformers fanboys drooling – by turning Decepticon leader Megatron into a NES Zapper. Yes sir, after all, didn’t Megatron transform into a pew-pew laser pistol in the original series, so why not let him relive those moments? Calling his own invention the Transformer Plasmashock, you can check out the instructions to build your very own courtesy of von Brunk. He has also pledged to start on another project of a similar vein that will involve an actual NES, where he mentions that it will transform “into a giant robot, much akin to Metroplex and/or Fortress Maximus!” You know what they say – “Shut up and take my money!”

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