If you think that you are a fantastic crooner, and that the whole world deserves to hear your singing, then you would do well to hone those skills at a nearby karaoke, in addition to signing up at talent shows. However, if no one else around you seems to appreciate your singing talent, then you might want to consider picking up this rather pricey gadget to go along with your iDevice. Costing $93 after conversion, the noiseless USB karaoke microphone is attached to your iDevice, and while it looks like a filthy plunger, it isn’t. It basically allows you to scream – nay, sing your lungs out, so that you can then hear your voice and the background music being fused together via a Sega karaoke app on said iDevice, letting you hear your efforts once you are done to see whether you are able to make it big time with the rest of the stars or not.


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