It seems with launch of the iPhone 4S and with Siri being touted as one of its key features, it would appear that more and more voice recognition/voice assistant apps are popping up every week, and while we’ve yet to actually try it out for ourselves, a new voice recognition app called Utter! could prove to be more feature packed and useful compared to its competitors. The app is developed by an XDA forum member but unfortunately it does not appear to be ready yet.


Now the way most voice recognition works is that it takes the query given by the user, processes it internally before spitting back its answer. While there is nothing wrong with that, Utter! will be approaching it in a different way by routing queries to various apps in order to get your results. We’re not sure to what extent this can be used, but imagine being able to ask for the train/bus schedule, or to find out what song is currently playing on radio, stock prices, and etc, with all the queries being sent to the respective apps.

According to its developer, Utter! will be able to do that and more. Users will be able to check battery levels, reboot their devices into the phone’s bootloader and even hold a basic conversation. All of this sounds pretty good on paper right now and we’ll be looking forward to it when it is finally made available, but in the mean time check out the 22 minute video above for a rather comprehensive demonstration.

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