Some of you guys out there might be a bit too young to remember phones like the Motorola StarTAC, or basically any other flip feature phone that was pretty much all of the rage back in the 90s. Well looking to bring some of that retro feel back for 2012, thumbsUp! has announced the 90’s iPhone Flip Case, which as the name and photo above implies, is an iPhone casing that has been shaped like the flip phone of the good old days.

It’s a pretty novel design and the case comes with an aerial and a working lid speaker, which makes answering of calls a little less awkward. On the plus side, the flip will also help to protect your iPhone’s screen from scratches, although we’re not sure if you’ll want to test its limits. So if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic for the 90’s, or if you simply want a novelty iPhone case, thumbsUp!’s 90’s iPhone Flip Case is expected to see a launch in the UK in Q3 for £14.99. Any takers?

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