A double-barreled shotgun is one powerful weapon to say the least, and it has featured in many a first person shooter that is able to turn whatever enemies you face into a pile of mush. I still remember the destructive power of the double-barreled shotgun in Doom II – that was certainly a literal blast! Well, why not turn something so powerful into a more pocket friendly form factor? I guess that is what happened with this double-barreled handgun, thanks to Arsenal Firearms (what a name!). This double-barreled .45 caliber, semi-automatic handgun enables you to fire a couple of bullets simultaneously. You can order it with one trigger or two, and it is capable of hitting a target the size of an orange 15 yards away if you are accurate enough. Not only that, it has been touted to knock down a bull, although I am not quite sure how they came about with this conclusion. Hopefully no bulls were hurt in the process!

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