As people who are part of the internet family we feel that it is only right for you to know what exactly is happening out there. In a day we can all assume the transactions, the instant messages, the emails, the pictures sent through, the comments made the opinions put out there and finally the songs and videos that are heard and experienced.

According to the graphical depiction, here is what happens in a single minute over the internet. 20 new victims of Phishing, 135 Botnet infections, 47,000 app downloads, 204 million e-mails sent, 6 new articles on Wikipedia, 1,300 new mobile users, Amazon makes $83,000 in sales, 100 new accounts are created on Linked in and 320 on Twitter, 100,000 tweets, 277,000 Facebook logins, 61,000 hours of music heard via Pandora, 20 million photos viewed on Flickr with 3000 more uploaded, 2 million searches on Google and finally, 1.3 million videos viewed on Youtube with 30 hours of them being uploaded.

The infographic embedded above for your kind perusal is an accurate depiction of what happens not in a day of the internet but in a single minute and if I don’t say so myself, the sheer digits in the numbers are nothing less than amazing while at the same time, it is not really surprising. The infographic was released by Intel on its Google+ page. How much can you do on the internet in one minute?

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