Humans interacting with robots, we have been doing it for quite some time already, although the robots in question are not those autonomous droids that you see in movies like Star Wars and Star Trek, but rather, machines that helped usher in the digital revolution and have moved on a long time ago from gears and cranks to bits and bytes. There is still a long way to go in human-robot interaction though, and researchers at Keio University intend to further the cause with their new the PYGMY robot ring project.

The PYGMY robot ring was recently presented by Masayasu Ogata (Anzai Imai Lab) at the Interaction 2012 Conference in Tokyo last week, where the PYGMY robot rings are able to express emotion and enhance interaction through the activation of a small display solenoid or servo attached to the ring. The ring display uncannily looks like a blinking eye, and can be controlled remotely thanks to a special controller, although there is always the old standby of a smartphone application.

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