Some of us find that those precious, quiet moments spent on the porcelain throne early in the morning are some of the most productive hours throughout the day. Well, sad to say that technology has also invaded this sacrosanct area in your home, with a new service known as “Shitter“. How apt – this particular service allows you to select some of your favorite tweets and print it out on toilet paper to make sure you end up with a clean rear end after finishing your “business”. On the other hand, another novel way of using the Shitter service would be to send tweets of excepts from your favorite novel, read them and use them once you’re done.

I personally think that this will be more of a novel idea than anything else, although there is this weird sense of humor surrounding it. It will definitely be one of the more expensive toilet paper that you would have purchased even, costing $35 per roll. Don’t think you would want to use it though, it might just be too expensive.

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