The F&F clothing range that is currently on sale at Tesco outlets worldwide will have a novel method of letting you try on clothes of your choice in a virtual environment, thanks to the launch of a virtual fitting room. This unique digital fitting room will come with the added bonus of letting one create 3D digital versions of themselves, trying on different outfits after that. The F&F virtual fitting room enables one to mix and match different skirts, tops and shorts in order to find the right combination when summer rolls around. With 50 new season items and 10 garments being added with each passing week during the trial, it is going to be quite the fashionista’s dream – of course, it applies only to those who are not interested in high end designer labels.


All you need to do is upload a couple of photos, or even enter your body measurements to be more exact. It takes just moments for the virtual fitting room to render your own virtual body, and then sizes will be suggested by the program depending on the details you shared. There are a few more advantages that I can think of for a virtual fitting room – there is less risk of the item being stolen, you save time, money and gas from driving to Tesco, and the clothes will be more hygienic since less people would have tried it in real life.

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