If you are a fan of Steve Jobs and the products Apple has put out over the years, you will be pleased to learn that Throwboy has recently announced that they will be creating limited edition Steve Jobs dolls dubbed “iCEO”, and as pictured above, it has been created in the late Apple co-founder’s likeness, with his facial hair, his trademark blue jeans, black turtleneck, running shoes, a pair of removable round spectacles and a rather cheeky smirk on its face!

According to Throwboy, the iCEO doll will be a limited edition doll and they will only be making 1,200 of them. They are currently up for pre-order via Throwboy’s website at $60 each and they are expected to start shipping come August. To make you feel better at dropping $60 for a doll, Throwboy has also announced that 10% of the proceeds they make from the iCEO doll will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

We have to admit that the iCEO doll is pretty cute, although we have to wonder if Apple will be giving the iCEO doll its blessing. After all they have shut down similar endeavors in the past, and we don’t see how or why the iCEO doll will be an exception.

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