TitanicWe all know that the Titanic hit an ice berg and sank on its maiden voyage, and thanks to James Cameron’s award-winning movie we have a rough idea of how it went down – but is it accurate? It looks like we might be able to find out in the future. With the aid of autonomous underwater vehicles (UAV), expedition teams covered a 2-by-3-mile area of where the remains of the Titanic lay, snapping 130,000 high-resolution photographs. The photographs were then stitched together with a computer to provide a detailed photo montage of the debris.

With these high-resolution images, the researchers were able to determine what exactly happened on that fateful night of the gigantic passenger liner. While the findings of the project will be revealed to the public, it’ll only be done through a 2-hour documentary on the History channel that will be shown on April 15th 2012 – 100 years after the Titanic sank. Those of you who are interested – be sure to keep an eye out on the History channel. For the rest of you who aren’t too keen – there’s always the 3D version of James Cameron’s Titanic headed to our cinemas later this year.

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