It would be interesting to sit in on a Toshiba meeting, especially when the tablet department meets. Why do we say so? For starters, here we are with the Toshiba LT170 tablet, where this particular tablet does not boast of any high end specifications that make it drool worthy, in fact, it more or less deserves to be in the mid-range to entry level pile, and yet Toshiba has decided to slap a €299 (that ought to translate to around $400 after conversion) price tag on it – which would certainly allow you to pick up something with a higher premium in the open market. Just what kind of specifications do €299 net you with the Toshiba LT170? We are looking at a Freescale 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM and 8GB of internal memory. Given a choice and having 400 clams in hand, what kind of tablet would you settle for? Something tells me it starts with the letter ‘i’, and will end with ‘Pad’ – or prove me wrong.


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