There are so many ways to interpret just how art is going to be, and with the Acoustic Wind Pavilion art exhibit that is the brainchild of Luke Jerram, you can be sure that sometimes, the hair on your skin just stands up due to the overall awesomeness of it. This is touted to be the first free-standing giant instrument in the world, where the sculpture will let wind resonate through the steel tubes, turning what was once the silent shifting patterns of the wind into an audible format. The moving wind will generate vibrations in strings attached to selected tubes, where these vibrations are subsequently transferred through skins that cover the tops, followed by projecting them downwards via the tubes towards the viewer who stands beneath the arch.

Looks like wind-based inventions seem to be getting some airtime this week, what with the Altaeros Energies’ Airborne Wind Turbine which we talked about a couple of days ago. In the mean time, do enjoy a video of the Aeolus in action below.

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