With news of Google’s newly launched cloud-based storage called Drive and Dropbox also updating its application to share data through links, there is now yet another bit of news in the cloud-storage scene. Apple’s iCloud service which launched alongside the iPhone 4S in October 2011 has revealed the numbers currently making use of the service. Back in February, figures indicated that iCloud had over 100 million users and now, just about a month and a half later, Apple claims that the service is seeing 125 million users.

This shows an increase of 25 million in a very short span of time, which is pretty impressive and the safe money is on the fact that the digits will keep rising for this one. According to reports online, some users believe that while the iCloud storage service is good there are improvements that need to be made before it can be labeled as awesome and something tells me that once the users get their wish, that ‘125 million users’ figure will most likely be a thing of the past.

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