Rumors surrounding the MacBook Pro and the iMac for this year have been around a lot this year but there have been none yet about what seems to have floated to the top now. A function which allow iPhone users to use their Mac computers via Siri is rumored to be in either the 2012 or later versions of the Mac computers. This information comes from an Apple patent that has surfaced recently which looks to add on to Siri’s functions on the iPhone 4S or upcoming iPhone 5.

Anyone who has been using the iPhone 4S which has been around for awhile now, will know that Siri is useful for quite a number of tasks and while the tasks are currently limited to what you can do with a phone, it has been seen as more of a novelty feature by many. What people might want would be a dedicated app for Siri on Mac OS X and while this could be a future plan for Apple, it seems that the technology giants are very happy with just controls via an iPhone for now.

While it looks like Apple would prefer to keep the voice processing exclusive to smartphones, they are certainly looking to bring Siri to other devices as can be seen in the patent application pictured above. With this development, controlling a desktop device via your phone might be a stepping stone to bigger things in the future which might allow us to see Siri’s true potential. If this were to come through, what ideas do you have to control your desktop using Siri? Or maybe if you have an idea for a 3rd party app for the functionality, you better get to work just in case.

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