google currents

Google Currents which was launched in December is an app for Android and iOS which allows users to explore online content with just the swipe of a finger. The app now has nearly 400 publisher editions and over 14,000 self-produced editions that are accessible via Google Currents. After its US launch many readers apparently requested for the app to available internationally and also to sync content quicker and it looks like Google has been listening since it released Google Currents version 1.1 which is available around the world in the language of your choice thanks to the deep integration of Google Translate.

When we say that the app is now available globally, what we mean is on top of the US based magazines that was already available, publications like La Stampa from Italy, The Guardian from the UK and Hindustan Times from India just to name a few, have already started publishing editions with their local content but with the addition of Google Translate, that should be no problem bar a few negligible errors here and there. On top of that, Google has reportedly implemented a sync feature that improves reading experience with fresh content wherever you are. If you are interested in publishing, you can begin to add content to the catalog via Google Currents Producer. If you haven’t already downloaded the latest version of Google Currents, click here and do remember to look us up as we’re featured in it.

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