If you were in the market for a new laptop, HP’s series of Pavilion laptops were spotted in an online leak several weeks ago. These models include the dv6 and dv7 and supposedly would come with Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors on board. At that time no release date was mentioned, but now according to CNET, we could be seeing the dv6 and dv7 along with refreshes of the dv4, g4 and g6 next week.

Like we said, the dv6 and dv7 were spotted with Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors in them, but CNET who cited a HP representative revealed that the laptops will instead be shipped with Intel’s Panther Point chipset with the Sandy Bridge processors on board, despite supposedly being Ivy Bridge-ready. This seems to corroborate earlier reports that some of Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors have been delayed which could account for this oddity.

This has also led to some speculation that while the laptops could be seeing a launch next week, there is a chance that they could be refreshed again in the near future with Ivy Bridge processors. While this cannot be confirmed, it just wouldn’t make sense to purchase a new laptop when a refresh with a newer processor could be right around the corner, so perhaps holding out on getting a new laptop just yet from HP might be a good idea while we keep our eyes peeled for more information.

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