We have Garmin and Suzuki team up, and the MyLink infotainment system in select Chevrolet models, so why not let Nissan have their fair share of fun as well? It seems that the higher end 2013 Nissan vehicles will feature Intel Atom-powered in-vehicle infotainment systems, where it will most likely appear on the Infiniti range first. This new system that is powered by Intel’s Atom processor would be able to multitask in addition to sending traffic and navigation information to the driver. Of course, backseat drivers too, can cut down on the annoyance level as it delivers entertainment options which will definitely include movies.


Intel and Nissan did work together at Intel Labs in order to make this a success. While not all features in their collaboration will eventually bear fruit and see action in an actual production vehicle, some of them will – including integrating portable electronics with the car’s systems, cloud-based services for vehicles, and video surveillance, access, and control using nothing but a smartphone. Would you get a Suzuki, Chevrolet or Nissan in the future?

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