For those of you who rely on Wolfram Alpha to get mathematical jobs done on your behalf, you can carve out a wry smile now, as this self-described knowledge engine is now made available in the form of a Windows 7 desktop app. The amount of money that you will need to fork out for it? A mere $2.99 which is a pittance in this day and age, where you can get it from the Intel AppUp store. Apart from delivering desktop analytics, the Wolfram Alpha app will also come with extended copy/paste support where graphics and queries are concerned, a full-screen optimized user interface so that you need not squint so much (perfect for folks who have large sized desktop displays) as well as a special software keyboard that has native support for special characters. Should all of the mentioned be insufficient, the company also has plans to throw in additional information at the AppUp center as 2012 progresses, coming in the form of “course assistant apps” to target subjects like astronomy, physics and chemistry. [Press Release]

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