A few patent applications filed by Apple were discovered by the folks over at PatentlyApple and they apparently show a 3D version of the Apple web browser Safari that will allegedly allow its users to stack bookmarks, emails, docs and applications in 3D forms. With that said however, computer usage in 3D doesn’t seem to be anywhere near, but an insight into the minds of Apple’s engineers like this certainly is interesting. Instead of wearing the glasses one usually associates with 3D interfaces, the patent indicates how other existing Apple patents can be used in a GUI to overlap and stack elements and content.


apple patent
Firstly, there seems to be “Rotating Titles of URLs, Emails, Documents and Apps” that were detailed in a separate patent application. With this patent (that is pictured above) windows or elements are exposed edge-on until users wish to peruse them; which will then cause it to rotate forward into full-view. Secondly, is a patent that details how open windows are shown in a 3D form. That particular interface is tied in with yet another patent that apparently describes the presentation and browsing methods of items in a tilted 3D area. This leads to a picture similar to a 3D interface through which users can flick through windows much like how we view images or file icons in Cover Flow. While we know that there is a chance that none of these patents might see the light of day snuggled in an Apple product, the concept behind these patents does provide an interesting aspect of things and a look into the keen minds currently running around at Apple.

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