Computer casings come in a variety of different sizes, ranging from mini-ITX cases to full tower systems. Depending on what sort of computer you are building, the size of your case may vary. For example due to higher end graphic cards being longer, and due to gaming computers requiring a lot more power and cooling solutions, those looking to throw together a gaming rig might go for a full sized tower. However those looking for a computer to do work on might go for a mini-ITX case that they can slip under their table without being too conspicuous (the flashing LEDs and the whirring of multiple fans does not help!). Unfortunately mini-ITX cases means that PC builders will have to sacrifice on their choice of hardware, at least until now. BitFenix has announced a mini-ITX case dubbed “Prodigy” which is “the first mini-ITX chassis designed with enthusiasts in mind.”

According to the case manufacturer, Prodigy while being small in stature will allow PC builders to fit in full sized components, such as long graphic cards like the Radeon HD 7970 or the GeForce GTX 690 or basically any graphic card that measures up to 320mm in length. Tower coolers and water cooling radiators are expected to play nice with the casing as well, along with the support for up to five 3.5” hard drives or SSDs. The case will also support ATX power supplies and will come with two USB 3.0 supports on its front I/O panel, along with a pair of handles which should make it ideal for transportation. BitFenix has announced that the Prodigy casing will be available early June and will retail for $79. [Press release] [Product page]

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