As we previously reported, Facebook is rumored to be hiring up former Apple engineers to work on another attempt at a smartphone based on the social networking giant. May of our counterparts have taken to reporting on various reasons as to why another Facebook smartphone might not be successful or that it probably won’t happen and things like that. For us however, we’d rather focus on the concept of what a possible Facebook phone might look like. Of course, you do understand that the design that is being highlighted here is merely a concept and not what is rumored to be the Facebook phone, but we can’t deny that it does look pretty nice.


New York-based designer Jay Moon came up with a mock-up of what he speculates could be the rumored Facebook Phone. The stimulating visuals which are embedded above, depicts the integration of Facebook into the OS itself. The sixteen year old came up with the concept and it actually looks quite attractive regardless of how many people would actually want something like it. On a separate but relevant matter, Sean Percival, CEO of Wittlebee came up with an amusing version of what he claims is a “Privacy Update” that he called ‘Poke to Unlock’. This one (below) obviously, is just for fun. What do you think about Moon’s visuals that are embedded above?


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