If you’re wondering just how many different ways one can place a phone call, here’s one more to add to that list. Milwaukee-based artist Brian Cera has developed a glove using a 3D printer that he has dubbed the Glove One. Essentially it’s a showcase of how he thinks that our body parts could be replaced by devices in the future, and making phone calls by wearing a glove is one of those examples. 


Like we said earlier, the Glove One was made using a 3D printer, recycled electronic parts and custom-made circuits. To place a phone call, all you’d have to do is dial the numbers located on your fingers. A SIM card can be inserted into the glove and it looks like it actually works! The speakers of the phone are located on your thumb while the microphone is located on your pinky and the glove can be charged via a mini USB port.

If you thought that the current design is pretty sleek (which we have to admit that it is), Cera is currently working on a more refined version of the Glove One and is also planning on creating a tutorial to show those of you at home how to put one together. Pretty interesting, don’t you think? Check out the video above for a demonstration of the Glove One in action.

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