Gmail has just been updated with a couple of handy improvements while leaving behind some old and rusty features. One of the major updates is automatic message translation (which was a “labs” feature a while back). This particular feature has received overwhelming positive feedback from a lot of Google Apps for Business users. Hence, Google is pushing the feature today to the general GMail. Now, users can simply click the translate message button found in the message’s top header to automatically translate the text. Sounds pretty cool huh?

But in case you are a polyglot, then you might want to turn off the feature by simply clicking the turn off button. But needless to say, you can always leave the feature on by clicking the “Always Translate”. Another cool update is dubbed as Title Tweaks. Gmail has changed the text for browser tabs to aid users in checking for new messages in their inbox.

Then there’s also an improvement based on the graduation of the Smart Mute lab that only a few people know about. This feature will actually make sure that noisy email threads are kept out of your Inbox, which is pretty useful. But together with these updates are some features that were discontinued. Among them are Mouse Gestures, Old Snakey, Mail Googles, Hide Unread Counts, Inbox Preview, Custom Date Formats and SMS in Chat gadget as well as the Move Icon Column.

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