If you’re a fan of stress test videos or just enjoy seeing electronic gadgets take copious amounts of abuse, you might recall a while back that the Nokia Lumia 900 was used as a hammer in a stress test video. We’re not sure if that’s the standard operating procedure for stress testing Gorilla Glass displays, but it seems that a recent video has surfaced where a HTC engineer attempted the same thing with the HTC One X! Originally uploaded on YouTube, the video was quickly taken down but not before a Chinese video hosting website managed to snag a copy. Now assuming the reports are to be believed, rumor has it that HTC weren’t too happy about this particular stress test video which may have gotten the engineer in the video fired as a result. Of course this is just hearsay so we suggest taking it with a grain of salt for now, although to be honest given that the One X survived the hammer test, you’d think that HTC would be pretty pleased about it, right? Anyway if you’re interested in seeing the One X used as a hammer, check it out in the video above.

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