“In total, the iPad accounted for more than 94 percent of ads,” Chitika, a online advertising network company said. There’s no doubt that the iPad is the dominant force in the tablet market. Up to now, the iPad is still the number one tablet, particularly when it comes to tablet sales. But Chitika’s new study, however, can reveal a new light into the iPad’s value and worth. But a word of caution: Chitika’s traffic does not really represent the “Internet  traffic”, so it’s fair to take the numbers with a (big) grain of salt (the Comscore stats seem to contradict the numbers from Chitika, as they give 50% of Android traffic share to the Kindle Fire). Apparently the folks over at Chitika wondered how they could quantify the popularity of today’s tablets. Chitika studied the devices that they are serving ads to, and they found out that nearly 95 percent of their overall traffic in the tablet category is covered by Apple’s tablet.


Based on the network graph above, the iPad accounted for approximately 94.64 percent of all tablet-based traffic. Next to the iPad is the Samsung Galaxy Tab with just 1.22 percent and Barnes & Noble’s Nook who got 0.53% of the traffic share. This means that for every 100 iPad impressions, Chitika is only serving more than one ad to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. That’s how heavily-used iPads are – as far as web surfing is concerned. “Going forward the competition is going to be hard pressed to find a way to overthrow the seemingly omnipotent Apple. Not only do they offer a great product, they have the undying devotion of their enthusiasts, ” Chitika concluded.

Again, this is according to Chitika’s own number. Last and not least, keep in mind that Chitika also does this to promote its brand, so in some ways, this is not completely “research”. Yet, it is interesting as a discussion topic.

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