There are people who love checking the news and the weather in the mornings as their first order of business. However lying in bed and scrolling through your phone/tablet can be considered to be a waste of time and inefficient, which is why Japanese company Seraku has come up with an Android powered mirror. Yup, no longer relegated to just smartphones, tablets and media players, it seems that the Android platform has found its way into household furniture as well!


To be more specific, a portion of the glass is actually the display for the entire setup and this is achieved by using a separate LCD monitor that has been overlaid with a piece of semitransparent reflective glass. The apps and functions that are displayed are actually, well, mirrored from an Android tablet that is running behind the scenes. The mirror will display information like the news, the weather and will also come with built-in meters that displays water flow and the temperature as well. The mirror also comes with a RF proximity sensor so that users won’t actually have to touch the glass in order to call up apps. Pretty cool, huh?

Seraku revealed that they do not have a commercial product ready yet, but if they did, the company says that they the product will most likely find its way to salons or drinking establishments where users can fill up questionnaires. More information can be found at Seraku’s website or you can head over to The Verge to check out their hands-on video.

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