According to IHS Displaybank, word on the street is that Sony is among the list of manufacturers who will be providing Apple with the displays required for their next-gen iPhone. Supposedly Sony has begun the production of the “in-cell” panels in February and is expected to significantly ramp up its production for an iPhone launch which based on the timeline when the iPhone 4S was launched, will most likely see an announcement and a launch in the Fall of 2012. They will be joining other manufacturers such as Sharp, Toshiba and LG in an effort to ensure that there will be enough panels for the rumored Fall launch.

For those wondering what “in-cell” panels are, they are basically thinner display panels that integrates the capacitive touch sensors into the LCD filter array. This is as opposed to the current method which uses separate pieces of glass. The result would be a thinner display could could allow for a slightly thinner iPhone or will allow Apple to fit in more components into the device. As it stands, the current rumors are saying that Apple is currently testing a 3.95” iPhone which could make the final cut, but we guess we will have to wait and find out.

[Image credit – Niito Autio]

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