Hey, if Hollywood can come up with a 2-hour plus long action movie that is based on the Battleship game, why not come up with a movie of a game that is well played and loved by millions over the decades – Tetris? The trailer above is a hoot to watch, as you see various tetrominos hurl downwards towards the earth, with some sort of strange power rotating them all over the place. It would be interesting to see whether the I tetromino would be as rare as the game, appearing when you do not really need it, and never popping up when you need it the most.

Described as a “total extinction level event”, do bear in mind that this is a fake video game movie adaptation, mocking “Battleship”, and yet the production values can be said to be commendable. It has also taken some jabs at Hollywood’s tendency for overly dramatic action films in recent memory. I do wish that someone would have the budget and mind to come up with an actual movie of Tetris, it would then be great to see how everything pans out in the end.

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