Glasses-free 3D phones like the LG Optimus 3D Max and the HTC EVO 3D are probably the closest thing we can expect to having images “pop out” at us at the moment. However we have not completely ruled out the possibility that one day our phones will have the ability to display 3D objects on its screen and come to life, kind of like pop-up books or dioramas, and this is exactly what LA-based 3D artist Mike Ko has managed to come up with. This concept took him about 3 months to complete and was part of his graduation project for Otis College of Art & Design and was shot on a Canon T2i. We have to admit that it looks pretty cool seeing the buildings and clouds pop out on the iPhone’s screen and the tiny cars whizzing by and eventually parking itself is quite cute to watch. This is definitely the sort of 3D technology that I would pay good money for, but what do you guys think? Check out the video above to see the concept in action.


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