At the moment, Apple’s Siri voice assistant feature is currently an exclusive to the iPhone 4S device, but will Apple bring Siri onto other iOS devices in the future apart from the iPhone? According to 9to5 Mac’s sources, the answer is yes and that Apple could be introducing Siri to the iPad this fall. Their sources have revealed that Siri is expected to be part of iOS 6 and will be arriving on the iPad. Unfortunately due to the iPad’s size, it just wouldn’t really make sense for Siri to be a full screen experience which is why the folks at 9to5 Mac have created a mockup of what Siri would look like on the iPad according to their sources.

As pictured in the rendering above, Siri for the iPad would come up from the bottom and is activated the same way as the iPhone, by holding down on the home button. A window would pop up and will be on top of whatever application the user is currently using at the moment. If this is true, we have to admit that it is pretty clever as it would allow users to perform quick searches for meaning of words, or for research while reading an article or watching a movie. Now we know that Apple has plans to improve Siri but will we be seeing those improvements arrive for iOS 6? We guess we will have to wait and find out, which hopefully will be next week which is when Apple’s WWDC is taking place.

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