Yesterday, the Fourth of July, the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU in New Jersey launched an interesting app on Google Play. The app is called the Police Tape app. Basically citizens in New Jersey can use this app to secretly record their interactions with police officers. But that’s not all. The app also provides civilians with legal information about their rights as citizens, which could prove to be useful especially when you are dealing with abusive police officers.

The app lets users record videos and record audio conversations, and the recorded data will be automatically uploaded to secure ACLU-NJ servers, making it impossible for police officers to delete them. But what’s so cool about the app is that it has the capability to disappear on your screen when used, thus, making police officers believe that you are completely mum about what is happening. The Police Tape app is developed by OpenWatch and it is downloadable for free via Google Play. The folks over at ACLU-NJ said that a similar app for the iPhone will be coming soon.

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