BugASalt – it might sound like some sort of exotic candy or food, but in reality, it is a plastic “shotgun” that will shoot out a pinch of salt at extremely high velocities. The whole idea of BugASalt is not to harm humans, but rather, make short work of them pesky flies and other undesirable insects that want to share your home with you. The whole idea of BugASalt is to pierce a fly multiple times with small sodium chloride pellets, delivering what one would call instant death. Not only that, whenever you take aim at a particularly fat, juicy fly, it will die (with an accurate hit, of course) without having you go through the trouble of a messy clean up after that when one uses a flyswatter.

It is rather unfortunate that the effective range stands at a mere 3 feet, and I would assume that you would need a pretty decent aim with the BugASalt in order to be a top insect assassin. Retailing for $30 on a pre-order basis at IndieGogo, there is still no word on a shipping date. It does make one wonder whether at the end of the day, a bigger mess will be created with all those missed shots around the dining table. You might find your diet to be a whole lot saltier after this as well!

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