Behind a best-selling car lies a good robot machine that ensures its superior quality and performance. If you think that the 2013 Ford Fusion is gorgeous, then you have to meet Ford’s tactile robot arm called RUTH. RUTH is actually an acronym for Robotized Unit for Tactility and Haptics – a robot arm that tests the interiors of its cars for quality and comfort. RUTH does that by simulating the motor skills of humans to measure parameters such as hardness, roughness, and temperature.


Apparently the tactile robot arm has already been used at Ford’s European Research Center in Germany for many years now. RUTH has just arrived in the U.S. after crossing the Atlantic from Europe to work on the interiors of the 2013 Ford Fusion. “Before RUTH, many engineers had access only to handheld measuring tools, and no means to test the interiors in a manner that resembled in-vehicle scenarios,” Ford metrologist and RUTH technician, Luke Robinson said.

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