Apple creating a wearable device is definitely not too far off from reality. Yesterday, we saw a patent application from Apple on a wearable display. Apple’s watch accessories for the iPod Nano have become very popular and who knows, they could create a small wearable device to complement the iPhone like many of the current hand-accessories for Android out there. At least, that’s what some Apple fans may wish for.

Designer Federico Ciccarese, known for his Apple product renderings, has taken a completely different approach to the idea. He has created a wearable device that also functions as your primary mobile device. It would allow you to use all of the apps and other functions that a normal iPhone could use as opposed to the basic uses that a small display would have to complement your main device. The device definitely has an insect-like feel to it. Would you be interested in a “Handphone” concept like this? let us know in the comments section below.

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