Post Crash Braking TechnologyCar accidents aren’t pleasant, and car manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to eliminate them or minimize the danger they cause. Well, the folks over at Continental, the German tire,  braking and stability control developer, has come up with something  called Post Crash Braking Technology (PCBT) – a technology which slows the car automatically after impact. The reason for this? A lot of times, drivers don’t manage to hit the brakes after a crash due to disorientation or unconsciousness, and this causes the car to continue moving into another obstacle or vehicle before it finally stops.


PCBT is designed to prevent these additional crashes. After detecting a crash from the car’s airbag sensors, it will automatically apply the brakes to the vehicle to slow the car down to a stop. It also uses stability control data to prevent the car from skidding or brakes from locking. However, if the car’s driver comes to his/her senses and presses a pedal, the system will then disengage and give back full  control.

Continental is currently working with a German vehicle manufacturer to integrate the system into a vehicle, but it won’t be arriving on the markets so soon. They’ll have to see how effective it proves to be in real world situations first.

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