Samsung AMOLEDOne of the major advantages that current LCDs have over OLED panels is ability to have a higher pixel density. OLED displays on the other hand provide blacker blacks and brighter colors – a tradeoff that most people take into consideration when choosing what types of displays they want in a phone. Well it looks like Samsung’s future OLED-using phones won’t have such drawbacks. According to reports online, Samsung has been testing some new OLED displays that can have pixel densities of up to 350ppi.


In case you were wondering, the iPhone 4 and 4S feature a 326ppi – what Apple calls Retina Display. And if you’ve ever seen the display of an iPhone 4, you would probably notice how tiny the pixels are. With a ppi of 350, Samsung’s new displays are going to take image clarity and sharpness to a whole new level (then again, we probably won’t be able to tell the difference with our naked eyes). We can’t wait to see these displays used in our new phones and tablets though it’ll probably be awhile before that happens. Maybe with the Galaxy S4?

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