So it seems that not only will robots be taking over the place of Chinese workers in Apple’s production factories, but they may very well start invading our restaurants too. For those who remember, Cui Runquan produced a noodle cutting robot called Chef Cui a while back, and it seems that he has made good on his promise to produce these robots en masse and who may very well start invading various noodle bar establishments located in China.


According to one particular chef, not only is the Chef Cui robot more efficient and better at slicing noodles compared to their human counterpart, but they are cheaper as well. Priced at $1,500, this is cheaper than hiring a chef whose salary could cost restaurant owners $4,700 a year. According to its creator, the only reason for Chef Cui existing is because the younger generation are not willing to spend their lives cutting noodles. As an interesting note for those who are into Japanese cuisine, it has been said that sushi chefs start off by washing rice and that is their sole job for many years until they are finally allowed to start preparing sushi. In any case you can see the Chef Cui robot in action in the video above.

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