Remember yesterday we reported that according to ArenaNet’s president and co-founder, the company would have no problems turning off digital sales of the game if it meant that it would help maintain the game experience for current players? It is somewhat of a controversial move and if you thought that the developer would not back their claims, well the screenshot above is proof. Earlier today I was considering purchasing the game but I decided to do a bit more research by reading the lore of the different races, professions and watching some videos. At that time the game was still available for purchase and I was also contemplating between the standard version or the digital deluxe.

When I decided that I wouldn’t mind wasting a few weekends away in front of the computer in the world of Tyria, the page above greeted me and clicking on the Sold Out button leads you to the Sold Out page which reads, “To ensure the highest quality service we have temporarily limited the number of copies of Guild Wars 2.” Granted it is somewhat of a minor inconvenience, it is good to know that when I do get to buy the game, my experience should be a pretty smooth one. In any case for those interested in buying the game digitally, you can leave your email address on the website and ArenaNet will notify you when it becomes available for purchase again.

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