Google has been doing a lot of maintenance to its Play App Store recently. Just this morning, we found out that Google is in the process of adding gift card and wish list support to the Android Play App Store. Today, Google has enabled Smart App updates, which was initially revealed back at Google I/O.

Usually, when one wants to update an application on their Android smartphone, the whole application is downloaded by the Google Play Store, which can take quite a while with the larger apps and if you have a slow connection. Now, Smart Apps only downloads the difference between the two apps allowing both the Google Play Store and the user large amounts of data previously wasted.

For example, the new Instagram app only required me to download 3MB of the 13MB of the actual app. Very useful if you want to download an app update but don’t have access to Wi-Fi where you currently are and don’t want to use up a lot of your data plan. Let us know if you have received the Smart Apps Update feature in the Google Play store yet and what you think of it in the comments section below.

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