Christie’s has a technological treasure in its wings that will be auctioned off soon, and technology buffs would definitely be interested in the original Apple 1 on offer. Right now, it seems that around 50 or so Apple 1 computers exist in the world (personally built by Steve Wozniak himself), and it will most probably fetch a maximum of $127,000, which can be considered to be a bargain when you compare it to the last unit sold. The Apple 1 computer will be put up for sale in October, this particular unit with serial number 22 hails from Joe Copson, a former Apple employee.

Why did we say that $127,000 was a bargain? Well, a couple of years ago, an Apple 1 computer was put up for sale sans casing albeit with its original original box, instruction manuals, and a signed letter from Jobs, where it retailed for $210,700 at an auction. Steve Wozniak himself attended the auction, enhancing the winning bid by including an autographed letter. Sometime in the middle of this year, we saw another Apple 1 exchanging hands for £240,000.

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