If you’re the sort of person who’s really concerned about what’s in their food, i.e. is it organic, or what’s in the air because of your allergies, then you might be interested to know that an accessory for your iPhone could tell you all of that. Dubbed the Lapka Environmental Monitor, it allows iPhone users to attach four different measuring instruments to their device and along with an accompanying app, they will be able to measure things like radiation, electromagnetic feedback, nitrates in raw foods, along with temperature and humidity. Seems like a lot of features for a seemingly unassuming device. No word on how all of this is expected to be accomplished, but according to its website, the Lapka Environmental Monitor is set for a release late 2012, so if this sounds like an accessory you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on, you can head on over to its website and leave your email address, or check back with us in the future for more updates!

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