What you see above is an alleged Nokia smartphone that could very well be a prototype of an upcoming device, and it has been spotted in China. Of course, it was just kept online for a short while before it was taken down, and needless to say, there are some out there who figured out that this is proof of being a real device, and although some might say that it is rather impossible to tell. Others figured out that this might just be a different colored Lumia 800 that is running a test version of either Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 7.8, although there is no way to ascertain the right version of Windows Phone which it runs on.

After all, the new homescreen in Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8 features similar resizable tiles. Alternatively, this might be a prototype Lumia 800 which never made it to the market, and it could very well be someone who installed Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system successfully. The thing is, how come the Windows logo spotted on it is still the previous one that is seen on Windows Phone 7.8?

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