Most long-time avid gamers would remember the days when the top-loading NES was the pinnacle of a gaming experience. With Nintendo having released the earliest of the NES models back in 1993, these gadgets literally paved the path for modern gaming.

And while they may be obsolete and out of sight now, there are those who still yearn to get a break from the modern-day consoles and go back to the days of classic NES-101. For those who identify with this sentiment, this modern mod, splashed with some unique steampunk style, may be very enticing.

The model is courtesy Andrew, who is an avid Reddit user and devised the little contraption for his nephew as a gift. The nephew wanted to go back to his NES-101 and also was incidentally into steampunk style. Andrew cooked up a little of both and create an exquisite mod which looks both modern and classic at the same time.

The looks of the mod are such that some may actually believe it runs on steam. Except that it doesn’t. So while you may savour your eyes with the image of the device, don’t try to attempt building your own steam-run NES-101 – because that’s not going to happen.

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