Apple’s patents often allow us a peek into where the company may be headed. The company has now been granted a new patent which shows that it may be trying to find ways to sync an iPhone with a vehicle.

What makes this patent even more significant is that Scott Forstall is among the list of inventors. Forstall is the senior vice president of the iOS software division at Apple and has been described by many as someone who can be the potential Apple CEO in the coming years.

The filing of the patent shows off data sharing between an iPhone and a vehicle. The data that is being shared includes the location details as well as instructions for turn-by-turn navigation.

The patent also speaks about a possible scenario where contacts from iPhone can be synced with the vehicle. While there is no clear application described for this feature, it is possible that such data could be used to display the location of the contact on the vehicle’s map.

Users can discern the location of the vehicle with the help of ‘Track Location Using Vehicle GPS’ and if they lose the signal, they can determine the last known location.

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