Not long after HP’s CEO Meg Whitman made comments about re-entering the smartphone market, here is a screenshot from the GLBenchmark database that suggests that there is an Android HP smartphone codenamed Bender that has submitted some data there.

Of course, you would think that HP engineers would be savvy enough to not submit data from a test product, but we’ve seen this happen with other brands before (it could be an orchestrated leak too), so it’s plausible.

According to the specifications, the screen resolution is 1366×720 and the main chip is a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 which can already be found in the Atrix HD, HTC One X (dual-core) and RAZR Maxx HD — that would mean that this is a new hardware, and not some old Palm device that is running Android.

Of course, HP can most definitely enter the market whenever it wants. After all, there are a number of ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) that already work for HP on laptop designs, and they would like nothing more than to come up with a smartphone and/or tablet design for the company. It is really up to HP to figure out how to enter that market and what added-value to bring.

It’s not very hard to think that HP may try to enter a “business” phone market of some sort, but hopefully we’ve all learned that business-oriented devices are increasingly becoming a nice which is threatened by the BYOD (bring your own device) trend.

On the other hand, it is a bit surprising if HP did not come up with some Windows phone designs, given that they already have experience with that eco-system. In any case, if HP wants to enter the market with that particular device, it should happen within the next couple of quarters because the smartphone world will soon jump onto a new generation of chips and displays.

[Images courtesy of Slashgear.]

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